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Hi, I'm Sonali!

Student @ Plano Senior High School

I'm an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to leverage my passions for technology and finance to create unique products and change the world. Through my nonprofit and internship experience, I'm prepared to make an impact. Learn more about my work and access my Github below!

Hi, I'm Sonali! I'm currently a senior at Plano Senior High School looking to pursue a combination of Computer Science and Business. I enjoy getting involved with various activities in and out of school such as Teen Court, Businesses Professionals of America, Stock Investment Club, and Artificial Intelligence Club. I'm passionate about serving my community, and I lead Women on Wall Street and SparkSTEM, two 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that fundraise and donate to charity by holding educational programs and events. Additionally, I enjoy gaining experience in my fields of interest by taking coding courses, completing personal projects, and working at internships. In the future, I hope to learn how businesses are built and operate to manage the efficient allocation of capital. 

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